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1. Mean of etiquette:
1.1. Punctuality and responsibility are key values ​​that influence Your relaxation and good emotions;
1.2. Our main tasks are the quality of the treatments and Your good emotions;
1.3. Salon is a silence zone. We kindly ask You to respect the other clients: turn off cell phones, talk (if necessary), quietly, enjoy the silence prevailing in the cabin;
1.4. Arrive 5-10 minutes before the treatment time, so You will have enough time to prepare for the treatment. Delay may cut Your treatment time;
1.5. During the treatment, be so kind to wear disposable underwear, which will be offered for You by a beautician. If You wish, You can wear your underwear, but You must be aware that certain treatments may smeared  the underwear by cosmetics;
1.6. Please turn off their cell phones during the visit;
1.7. After the treatment, You don’t need to be in a rush, stay laying for about 3-5 minutes for the body to recover after the session. Remember that we need to prepare the cabin for the next visitor, and don’t stay too long. If You wish, You can spend some time at relaxing reception zone and enjoy a cup of tea; salon staff is happy to provide additional information about the services and cosmetics;
1.8. Please tell our administrator Your comments or wishes. We always want to get feedback from customers regarding the cabinet temperature, music volume before the treatment starts.
2. For gift cards holders:
2.1. Inform the administrator about the gift voucher, if the treatment was obtained in any gift cards’ portal. Please, bring the gift certificate with You and pass it to administrator before the treatment;
2.2. Gift certificates validity date is not prolonged. If You did not arrange the visit in a proper time, the money is not given back. If You have purchased the voucher at some discount website, and the date of the gift card is over, You will be asked to pay the difference between campaign price and real price of the certain service;
2.3. The gift card is not valid if the client had an appointment and did not arrive, but have not informed the salon staff about his absence at least 6 hours before the treatment.
3. For the slimming programs and special programs cards holders:
3.1. Treatments are not appropriate for pregnant women;
3.2. Duration of the program is not prolonged.
3.3 The visit is counted as used if the client did not informed salon about cancellation at least 6 hours prior to the visit;
3.4. Please inform a beautician about the medications used, which You think can influence Your health during the certain treatments.

We wish You to spend pleasant time and enjoy the deep relaxation in our salon!


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