vakuuminis masazas

Effiline vacuum theraphy is a solution for cellulite removal, also it stimulates circulatory, keeps skin tissues in better condition, relaxes muscles. 6 different massage heads make treatment comfortable and pleasant. Besides, the Bioderm technique can be applied to the face (scars and wrinkles treatment). Effiline combines unique essential oil system and vacuum therapy. These two techniques combination makes treatment effective and pleasant. Effiline allows to manage five different treatment goals: vascularization, defibrosing, drainage, reflex effects, relaxation. Vacuum massage suits well for intensive cellulite treatments or full body lymphatic massage. It is a great device to treat 1st or 2nd stage of cellulite. In order to get better results, we recommend to combine vacuum technique with other device or manual treatments: low intense ultrasound (cavitation), pressuretherapy, radio frequency termolifting, lipolytic laser, hand massages and complexes.

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