Many women suffer from cellulite, adiposity or overweight. To solve these problems and to fasten the results, we use the latest technology equipment – CRIOWAVE.

 Objectives of the cryoliporeduction therapy

The main objective of Cryoliporeduction is to generate, thanks to the application of cold, an inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue in order to stimulate cell apoptosis and thereby selectively destroy the adipocytes or fat cells. The term apoptosis is used as a synonym for the scheduled death of a cell. It is a very carefully controlled cellular phenomenon that occurs as a physiological response to the influence of the surroundings. Cryoliporeduction manages to reduce, in a non-invasive manner, the thickness of the fat layer. The results are visible after three treatments, which are carried out every 45 days.

The way cryoliporeduction works

The cryoliporeduction technique crystallises and gradually dissolves the adipose tissue. Criowave is a painless treatment designed to reduce localised fat and cellulite on the abdomen, arms, the sides of the body, thighs and buttocks. It is suitable for men as well as for women. During the treatment we use the antiseptic gel. Treatment gel is formulated with active principles that have anti-freezing, soothing, emolliating and moisturising properties, to prevent the treated zone from becoming irritated as a consequence of the exposure to the cold.


The results obtained after the study show the effectiveness of the cryoliporeduction treatment for reducing adiposity:

  • In 100% of cases a significant decrease in the amount of fat was noted.
  • A reduction of up to 25% of the fat in the treated zone was noted.
  • The clients were satisfied with the reduction of adipose tissue, appearance, skin tone.

For best results during the course of treatment is recommended to keep at least the minimum diet (avoid the use of flour, fatty and sugary products).

Forget all invasive methods, make a choice for safe and effective newest technology treatments! Avoid discomfort or long and difficult rehabilitation period – reshape Your body in a pleasant way.

How does cryolipo- reduction work?

Adipocytes (fat cells) are being crystallised and broken with acoustic wave – so the fat cells are destroyed permanently.

Which areas can be treated?

The cryo pads can be applied for belly, tights, buttocks, back and arms zones.

Cryolipolysis is not applied if:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Intolerance of allergy to cold;
  • Kidney or severe hepatic deficiency;
  • Cancer;
  • High temperature;
  • People who suffer from cryoglubulinemia;
  • Skin disorders like dermatitis or egzema;
  • Raynaud‘s disease.

Time 20 – 40 min.

Treatment price: Price 90 – 110 €