You feel pain in the back and neck? To keep Yourself in good state of mind and body, don’t forget to take care of Yourself. One of the pleasant ways to keep Yourself in a good shape and mood are massages. Massages can also be recommended by a doctor to avoid different types of health problems or to minimize pain and tension in muscles, joints, back and other parts of the body. Massages are very useful after different typos of injuries, some operations and insomnia. Massage is very beneficial for everyone to prevent some diseases. However, massage can act as medical mean or be as an additional method of treatment alongside traditional treatment.

When massage is recommended?

• Neck, spine and / or low back pain;

• Migraine attacks;

• Sprain, muscle tension;

• After various injuries and fractures, dislocations;

• Complaining joint ailments, arthritis.

• Radiculitis, neuralgia, neuritis;

• Bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia;

• Chronic gastritis, upset stomach or bowel, duodenum activities;

• In case of chronic heart muscle failure, angina, hypertension, arterial hypo-tension cases. It is also a great tool for rehabilitation after myocardium infarction;

• Some massages can ease some of the gynecological diseases, and even increase fertility.

Did You choose the massage?

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